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James Henderson Freelance App Developer and Consultant

I'm a full stack software developer specialising in mobile app development for iOS devices. I can work from a simple concept for an app, producing wireframes, UI and UI design and creating prototypes, or write the code to meet provided specification and design documents. I have worked for individuals, start ups and large companies around the world both as the sole developer and as part of a team. I also developed websites and games when time allows.

My Background

It all started with a ZX Spectrum 48k machine and writing 10 print; 20 goto 10. I've been lucky to see home computers and software transformed to what we have today. Progressing though machines like the Commodore 64, BBC Micro and Amiga 500 I was always interested in how the programs and games I was using were actually made, not just what I could get from them. This was all, however, just for fun and I wasn't pursuing a career in the field.

Then, in around 2007 shortly after the release of the first iPhone, a friend asked me to help do some testing work on some new apps. The rest, as they say, is history. I soon moved on to working on design and coding apps myself and on to web services and databases, providing me with experience in all areas of the software development lifecycle.

I've been lucky enough to work on all kinds of apps across a number of platforms, for both consumer and enterprise release, from utilities to games, for individuals to large companies. Most recently, I've been doing some tutoring having mentored a couple of people and helping them find their feet in code whether that be in the form of explaining something in full, or pointing them in the right direction, as somebody once did for me.

Having lived and worked in London, and around the world, I settled in Somerset when we decided to start a family. Fortunately this works in a digital world where working freelance in a field I love allows me to work on exciting and interesting projects as well as be around for my family.

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